Roger Hallman

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About Me

My name is Roger Hallman and I'm living in a town called Gavle, situated approximately 160km north of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

My first interest in photography started with my grandfather who had a part time job as a photographer for several newspapers. When he gave me a camera many years ago, he started something that would over the years grow to be more and more interesting. But it's not until about 10-15 years ago I've started to really enjoy and love to be out and search for a picture moment.

When I decided to switch from film and move to digital about six years ago, the interested started to grow more and more… now I really enjoy being out with my camera and capture the wildlife and beauty of scenery that we have around us in the world. A visit to an airshow a couple of years ago really got me hooked on airshows and planes!

I hope you'll like what you see, and feel free to contact me if you are interested in any of my photos. I print my own photos on Canon professional printer Pixma PRO-10S, which uses 10 Lucia ink color and that creates professional printouts up to A3 (11,69 in x 16,53 in) on Canons professional paper. If you are interested in bigger prints that is of course also possible to get on request.

Kind regards

Roger Hallman